cleopatrick Hold Band Tryouts in Their Video for New Single “GOOD GRIEF”

The Ontario-based duo anticipate the release of their debut LP—and the return of mosh pits—in 2021.

Midway through writing their debut record under the cleopatrick moniker, lifelong friends Luke Gruntz and Ian Fraser felt a pang of nostalgia for the chaos of touring and live shows, causing them to inject what they’d written with a new, intensified energy. “We tracked with a vengeance,” Gruntz put it in a press release. “We had fire in our eyes.”

The first single they’ve released after this overhaul is the riff-heavy “GOOD GRIEF,” built around blues rock guitar warped into something worthy of the mosh pit they aim to incite with the track as soon as social distancing measures are a thing of the past. “It is a reminder of the perspective gained through our months of basement solitude, and a message to anyone that doesn’t quite ‘get it’ yet,” they share. “It’s a double-edged sword meant to cut down those phonies, and unite our allies with a single swing.” 

Along with the amped-up song, the pair constructed an equally amped-up visual, with friends taking turns belting out the song’s lyrics in a drained pool. “We conceptualized, directed, and edited the music video by ourselves in an afternoon with a rented camera and a friend’s backyard. The song and video are meant to imply a future filled with mosh pits and chaos; requesting our fans hold-on a little longer. We will be reunited soon.”

Watch it below.


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