Taking Meds’ New “Unplug” Video Lands Somewhere Between “The Hurt Locker” and “Blair Witch”

The song comes from the East Coast punks’ The Meds You Deserve EP released earlier this year.

Back in July, New York punks Taking Meds released their heavy The Meds You Deserve EP, with highlight “Unplug” providing the project with a sense of urgency early in the five-track release. The vocals hit like a punch to the face over mischievous, stop-start post-punk guitars, sounding like an evil twin to a group like METZ or mclusky. 

The newly released video manages to recreate that urgency with a snuff-like visual landing somewhere between The Hurt Locker and Blair Witch, featuring an unfortunate victim coming to in the woods strapped with a bomb. “I shot ‘Unplug’ on a shitty consumer camcorder from 2002,” director Luke LeCount shares. “I wanted to really push the narrative of what someone might use if they were hired to kill somebody and wanted to make it look like a proper snuff film. My goal was to use this established aesthetic and couple it with designing it as one take to capture a true sense of urgency. I wanted to present it as if you were watching this man’s final moments in real-time. But you know, like, in a funny way.”

Watch it below, and nab a copy of Meds via Smartpunk here, or Near Mint here.


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