Hear Lupe Fiasco, Open Mike Eagle, and Joseph Chilliams’ Freestyle Tributes to MF DOOM

Raps inspired by the late emcee have been pouring in since it was revealed that the underground legend passed away in late 2020.

Remember a couple years back when that graph was published which illustrated the breadth of rappers’ vocabulary, and—barring the walking dictionaries that are Aesop Rock and Busdriver—MF DOOM was pretty much all by himself at the “verbose” end of the spectrum along with groups of rappers like Wu-Tang and Jedi Mind Tricks? When it was announced on New Years Eve that the rapper passed away on October 31, it quickly became apparent on social media just how broad his appeal and influence was, particularly on wordy rappers—not to mention everyone whose career in rap felt permitted only after DOOM let it be known that rapping about nerdy shit can be cool.

While seemingly everyone got a tweet up honoring the underground legend before the ball dropped, several artists have followed up with rapped tributes to their idol, including freestyles from Lupe Fiasco, Open Mike Eagle (who just dropped an album incorporating anime into its narrative, and who evidently performed as DOOM on at least one occasion, as the rapper was notorious for sending proxies to his own gigs (edit: OME never performed as DOOM, just rocked the mask)), and Pivot Gang emcee Joseph Chilliams, as well as a resurfaced 2014 cover of “All Caps” from DOOM’s pal Yasiin Bey (née Mos Def).

“Fool, you’re about to sell more masks than Dr. Fauci,” raps OME in a clever tribute harnessing the spirit of its subject, while Lupe’s incorporates a bar from “Accordions” and Chilliams focuses on the healing power of DOOM’s music: “If hip-hop was a cancer, he’d be the chemo.” Watch all four vids below.


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