America Part Two Confront the Predatory Gaze in “I Don’t Wanna” Video

The New Jersey punks are also announcing a new album, Price of a Nation, out March 12 via Revival Recordings.

With last year providing the sequel to a Beethoven symphony two hundred years in the making, 2017 similarly marked the (somewhat) official second installment of America 240 years since the original was established. America Part Two hail from New Jersey, and if their new single from a new full-length called Price of a Nation (slated for release March 12) is any indication, theirs is a thrashing, feedback-heavy vision for the future of our great nation.

“I Don’t Wanna,” the track they’re sharing today, harnesses the chaos of a Vines performance with a hardcore edge amplified by prominent use of China cymbal and scene-conscious lyrics. “The harsh beams of a predatory gaze are dehumanizing,” the band shares of the track. “‘I Don’t Wanna’ questions consent, self-worth, a sick culture of abuse. It is the everyday story of someone who simply does not want to fuck you.”

Hear the new track via a video the band made, which sees them perform the song while the history of the world unfolds behind them, ending in an atomic blast. And, uh, aliens.


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