Jeremy Earl and Glenn Donaldson Announce New LP as Painted Shrines, Share First Single “Gone”

The co-founders of Woods and The Skygreen Leopards, respectively, will release Heaven and Holy on March 5 via Woodsist.

It’s been a little while since we’ve stopped anticipating a yearly album contribution from Woods, though vocalist Jeremy Earl has remained plenty busy in the meantime. In addition to his work with Woodsist Records, Earl’s played on records from Kurt Vile and Purple Mountains in recent years, as well as earning a songwriting credit on the recent Avalanches album. Today he’s announcing another collaboration: an album-length project with Skygreen Leopards’ Glenn Donaldson called Painted Shrines.

With their debut single “Gone” dropping today, the project sounds like a poppier take on Woods’ recent output, incorporating a bit of that fuzzy Bay Area psych sound revived by Ty Segall’s entourage. It’s a bi-coastal union with a mutual interest in garage rock—or as Earl puts it, “West Coast fog in New York City streets,” and “A collaboration born from friendship and the search for the jingle jangle.

“It was a pleasure to work with Glenn on these songs and step away from my normal recording rituals into something more carefree, spontaneous, and raw,” he continues. “Nothing like throwing up a couple of mics and bashing out some songs with an old friend. Was great to let go and have Glenn man the controls. The result was something different than Woods.”

Heaven and Holy is out March 5 on Woodsist—hear “Gone” below, and pre-order the record here.


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