Watch Julien Baker Cover Soundgarden’s “Fell on Black Days” for KEXP

The songwriter also shared the new single “Hardline” today from her forthcoming LP Little Oblivions.

For a while it seemed plausible that the only new music we’d be getting from Julien Baker in 2020 was a cover of Blink-182’s “Anthem Part Two” for Stereogum’s recent covers comp—but all that changed in October when the songwriter shared “Faith Healer,” the first single from her third LP Little Oblivions. Today she followed that single up with another, “Hardline”—stream it below—which arrives the same day as a KEXP at Home session, which features a Soundgarden cover at the tail end.

“I am a huge Audioslave fan—I’m a huge fan of all things Cornell, in all his iterations—but I’m just particularly super onboard with Audioslave,” she professed before diving into her take on Soundgarden’s “Fell on Black Days.” “I was recently doing a dive back into Soundgarden and I heard this song and it was just flooring, you know? There’s so many cuts off those Soundgarden records—it’s like every song is so good and so complex in a way that doesn’t get…maybe it does get represented, but I think there’s so much more there underneath the ‘seminal grunge band icon.’” 

Watch it below at the 42:54 mark, and hear Baker talk about her love for all things Cornell at the forty minute mark. You can also stream “Hardline” below.


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