Cathedral Bells Share the Title Track Ahead of the Release of Their New Album “Ether”

The dream pop trio’s latest arrives January 29 via Spirit Goth Records.

Last time we checked in with Cathedral Bells they were gearing up to release a haunted new single from a 2019-released EP, and since then their Florida-rooted dream pop sound has only gotten hazier. Their new album (appropriately titled Ether) hardly sounds tethered to the earth, early single “Dark Aura” floating off in a shoegaze-soaked mist. 

The latest track the trio’s sharing ahead of the album’s official release date next Friday is the mid-album title track, another dreamy single playing with gauzy sounds. “[It] was more of an experimentation with different instrumental textures that Cathedral Bells never did in our past catalog,” the band’s songwriter Matt Messore shares. “This track was co-written by Kyle Hoffer, who joined the band later in 2020. The lyrics are short, but I put the most personal feelings into this track that I could. It was one of the last songs written for the album, and by that time I was extremely exhausted, pouring my most vulnerable and empty emotions into this song.”

Hear the track below, and pre-order the record here.



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