Stream Dark Time Sunshine’s New Album “LORE” and Read Their Track-by-Track Breakdown

The hip-hop duo’s first record in nearly a decade features verses from Aesop Rock, R.A.P. Ferreira, Homeboy Sandman, and more.

Seattle-based emcee Onry Ozzborn and Chicago producer Zavala haven’t made a record together as Dark Time Sunshine in nearly a decade, but the two artists have remained plenty busy in that time with solo and side projects—in a addition to all the familial and health concerns that get in the way of cross-country collaboration. Yet LORE doesn’t miss a beat as a follow-up record to 2012’s ANX, carrying over the same dark, psychedelic-infused, hip-hop beats merging with Osbourne’s deep-vocal flow, as well as several of the same guest vocalists.

A tradition dating back to 2010’s Vessel, a DTS record is as much a collaboration between Osbourne and Zavala as it is with their underground hip-hop peers. In addition to verses from Aesop Rock and Ceschi, who’ve appeared on the duo’s last two records, LORE welcomes Aes’ album-length collaborators Homeboy Sandman and Rob Sonic, as well as dedicatedly independent jazz-rapper R.A.P. Ferreira. Each of these guests conform seamlessly to Zavala’s relentless, driving instrumentations, sucking the listener in like the most trance-inducing psych-rock group.

With the full album streaming today, the duo spilled a few words on what each track on LORE means to them—stream the record below, and read on for some insight.

1. “Lore”

The return of DTS, and may peace be with you. 

2. “Ritalin”

A therapy session among all aspects of one’s self.

3. “7 Knots”

One’s realizations after undergoing trauma/mental illness/loneliness/etc..  & yet still able to remain optimistic toward the future. 

4. “The Rite Kids”

A breakdown of the so-called “awkward” children who tend to be bullied growing up (things of that nature), only to end up the most destined for greatness. 

5. “Star Scream”

The power/influence we have as artists in what we put out there and portray, whether positive or negative, and its potential effect. Also woven in there is to just be yourself and learn to love yourself, then everything else will take care of itself. 

6. “Poor Pavel”

Good ole fashion boast raps at their finest. 

7. “Hell Nah”

Going through hell a few times over (as well as family and some of those close to us), and being impressed/influenced by how they were able to make it through, causing you to want to follow suit. In a nutshell: perseverance. 

8. “Look at Her Ego”

That initial excitement of love and how hard it can hit…but also how easily it all can disappear at the blink of an eye.

9. “Familiars”

Ignore the negative voices in your head, and outside of it. 

10. “Ayemen”

Successful heart surgery. 

11. “Better Off”

After all that we’ve been through as of late, could we potentially be in a better place at the end of the day?


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