A.A. Triggs Shares the Folksy Anarchist Fantasy “A Love Song for the Revolution”

The song from his forthcoming debut record is “a ballad for people that want to watch it burn.”

After an unconventional musical career arc over the past decade—getting his start as a transient busker before pivoting to EDM—A.A. Triggs continues to turn heads with his long-in-the-works debut solo record Sounds to Salve the Scarred and Scornful, which promises sixteen tracks of surf-folk fusion. While the surf influence is muted on the album’s folk-ballad debut single, there’s plenty of punk energy to make up for it.

“Today we’ll burn down the banks / Maybe I’ll find my love,” Triggs sings in a Stephin Merritt baritone (over an electrified version of Guthrie’s fascist-smashing guitar) on “A Love Song for the Revolution”—which is just that. The slow-burn anarchist tune is teeming with both vengeance and love, dreaming up a romance while passing out gas masks.

“The song is a romantic anarchist’s fantasy I suppose,” he shares. “I wrote it about a year and a half ago when it felt like the civil unrest in the world was boiling to a head. It’s taken a long time to get the project together and the lyrics have just become more fitting as time went on. I wanted to write a sweet-sounding tune about something serious. I’ve heard lots of songs in that vein within punk, but I wanted to do a ballad for people that want to watch it burn.”

Hear the tune below—happy belated Valentine’s Day!


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