Hear an Early Stream of Anna Akana’s New EP “No Longer Yours”

The songwriter and comedian shares her follow up to 2019’s Casualty.

While she’s made a name for herself in the comedy world on YouTube before appearing in Comedy Central’s Corporate and acting alongside Sally Field in Michael Showalter’s Hello, My Name Is Doris and Paul Rudd in Ant-Man, Anna Akana presents a much different side of herself in her music career. Her 2019 debut Casualty established her as a serious voice in pop, speaking to her experiences overcoming hardships and how those experiences have shaped her as an artist.

With her new EP No Longer Yours, streaming here a day early, Akana hones in on a failed relationship and coming out of that experience in one piece. “I lied, I miss you all the time,” she confesses over lush, upbeat instrumentation sufficiently masking her pain. “It’s about the moment you finally see the person who used to make you nauseous and realize it doesn’t sting so much anymore,” she shares about the EP. “I had so much clarity about the things that weren’t working for me, what I had to let go of, and how I wanted to shape my life moving forward with more self-awareness about what was within my grasp to change.”

Hear the project in full below.


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