Amulets Share a Nature-Doc Visual for the Brooding New Single “The New Normal”

The title track arrives ahead of Randall Taylor’s latest collection of ambient drone, due out April 2 on The Flenser.

If you haven’t seen it, one of the most unsettling, compact horror movies of the past few decades is a ten-minute short by a filmmaker named Peter Tscherkassky, who violently manipulates film stock from another horror movie (1982’s The Entity) to create something entirely more sinister. Outer Space, then, feels like the perfect visual companion to Randall Taylor’s Amulets project, as the audio/visual artist explores the imperfections of the medium of analog tapes, specifically how modifying them can result in sounds considerably spookier than whatever came before.

His latest audio project as Amulets, Blooming, arrives in just over a month, and today he’s sharing the eerie track “The New Normal” along with a visual. Echoing the haunting sounds of the record’s first single, “Normal” blends overcast ambiance with lush strings and additional sound design that will probably make you take off your headphones at least once to check if what you’re hearing is the sound of your radiator kicking on. This dedication to minimalism and ambient sound design pairs it closely with Flenser labelmate Midwife, with whom Taylor teamed up last year on a split record. 

Watch the very green video for the new track below, and pre-order Blooming here.


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