All We Are, “All We Are”

All We Are - Self-TitledAll We Are
All We Are

Each hailing from different corners of the planet, the members of All We Are make for a thoroughly globalized trio. After meeting at university in Liverpool, Ireland’s Richard O’Flynn (drums, vocals), Norway’s Guro Gikling (bass, vocals), and Brazil’s Luis Santos (guitar, vocals) came together in Norway and Wales to create the eleven lush, hypnotic songs for their self-titled debut. Every track on All We Are is subtly sultry—a sedated take on disco that’s better suited for the bedroom than the dance floor. Gikling’s breathless vocals are lush and effortless. On “Stone,” guitars ripple and cymbals shimmer in the background, punctuating the constant thumping heartbeat of a distant bass. The hot-stepping funk of “Feel Safe” and “Utmost Good” are tempered by the placid harmonies and occasional ’70s-style falsetto of Gikling and her male counterparts. To properly enjoy this album, turn down the lights and let All We Are take you to a faraway place.


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