Perfume Genius’ Mike Hadreas Shares Love Advice Alongside A. G. Cook Remix of “Describe”

Break up with your boyfriend if he has a violent cat named Ethel...or wait it out, who knows.

Last year, Perfume Genius released Set My Heart On Fire Immediately, a brilliant album that we called one of our favorites from the hell year of 2020. Lucky for us, PG is giving us a companion album of remixes which features reworks by Katie Dey, Westerman, Actress, Boy Harsher, and many more. Today, A. G. Cook shared his remix of album highlight “Describe.”

Cook’s rendition transforms the rusted, grumbling guitars into glossy, bleeping drum ‘n’ bass. Where there’s abysmal ambient drones during the original, Cook inserts an anxious bass drop and spacey synths. “Describe” is completely reimagined, but equally as potent. There’s also a wild animated video, co-directed by Jack Wedge and Will Freudenheim, that lands somewhere between Blade Runner and Osmosis Jones.

Additionally, the genius behind Perfume Genius Mike Hadreas, his creative/romantic partner Alan Wyffels, and their dog Wanda (a queen) did a Q&A session with fans as a part of the remix premiere. Fans called in asking about the forthcoming remix album and relationship advice.

One person asks about her boyfriend’s violent cat named Ethel. Another asked about their inexperience in young love and formative relationships with the lack of queer community in their rural hometown. Hadreas replied: “I really do think love happens for everybody and is available to everybody. It just comes in waves and there’s no real formula to it. You just have to be easy on yourself and easy on the world.” Although it’s quite short, it’s really a lovely and fun video to watch. At the end, Hadreas said he felt like he could do this for five hours. Honestly, he should! We’re all here for a Perfume Genius talk show.

Watch both videos below, and pre-order Immediately Remixes here, which is out March 12 on Matador.


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