Ricky Montgomery and chloe moriondo Team Up on a Wistful Remake of “Mr. Loverman”

The song originally appeared on Montgomery’s 2016 album Montgomery Ricky.

Ricky Montgomery has carried his music legacy from Vine to YouTube to TikTok, racking up streams with his dreamy pop concoctions. Lately he’s been remixing tracks from his 2016 album Montgomery Ricky, and his most recent release is a collaboration with bedroom pop musician chloe moriondo for “Mr. Loverman.” Montgomery explained how the two came together for the track: “Chloe posted a cover of a Honeysticks song ‘Out Like a Light’ a few years ago and it genuinely kept me going at a low point in my career. It was such an effortless reimagining of the song and inspired me so much.”

Chloe added: “I’ve loved Ricky’s music for a weirdly long time. A lot of ‘Montgomery Ricky’ was, like, the soundtrack to most of my coming-of-age experiences. I remember ‘Out Like a Light’ was the first Honeysticks song I’d heard, and it made me cry so I covered it and Ricky noticed it. I wanted to cry again cus this mf was literally like my Vine ukulele icon and now he let me on this gorgeous fuckin’ song that I’m very grateful to be on.”

Listen to the waltzing track below.


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