Long Neck Share Their Contribution to Slang Church’s Forthcoming Benefit Comp

“Gumline (Livia Soprano)” arrives ahead of Long Armed Bill’s Summer Comp, which will benefit gifted students in the Bay Area.

Last Friday, Oakland label Slang Church unveiled plans to release a compilation album on May 1 to benefit Big Minds, a non-profit and private school in the Bay Area supporting students with disabilities, with plenty of artists within and connected to the community contributing tracks. “This comp will be an annual fundraising effort for the school’s scholarship fund—which is a sore need considering we are a bootstrap organization that, in an effort to keep tuition as low as possible, is on a shoestring budget,” Big Minds director Billy Bouzous has shared. “What goes in comes out, and this is one of the first major efforts to fundraise outside of that.”

Kevin Nichols has already shared the garage-punk tune that’ll open the comp, and today the second track is being unveiled by East Coast peers Long Neck: the ode to Tony Soprano’s mom, “Gumline (Livia Soprano).” The stripped-back tune demonstrated more than just the opposition in coastal allegiance among the comp’s contributors—the track consists of little more than a minimalist beat and synth line over which vocalist Lily Mastrodimos’ tranquil voice flows, a catchy dose of lo-fi pop punctuating what’s hinted to be a punk-heavy track list.

Hear the single below, and pre-order the comp on Bandcamp here.


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