Celebrate 4/20 the Foo Fighters Way (Waking Up Stoned in the Desert and Descending Into Hell)

The Foos’ video for “Chasing Birds” is a reminder to stay hydrated.

Foo Fighters’ latest album Medicine at Midnight has been out for a few months now, but it’ll make sense why the group held out on sharing their official video for the track “Chasing Birds” until April 20 when you watch it. The single’s lyrics “Chasing birds to get high / My head is in the clouds” come to life as an animated Dave Grohl and his crew come to in a desert in an extremely groggy state, wandering around before encountering a portal to hell (playing on the lyrics “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”)

The visual climaxes with a swim in what appears to be a river of blood as it matches up with the track’s guitar solo—which in retrospect is a bit psychedelic—before concluding with a message: remember to stay hydrated this 4/20. Watch the clip below.


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