Robbing Millions Introduce East LA to “Tiny Tino” in the MGMT Records Signees’ Latest Visual

Holidays Inside arrives June 25.

MGMT’s Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser recently announced their latest endeavor: a record label named after the duo, which, based on the music of their first signee, has kept the sounds they’re releasing in close alignment to those of their band. Robbing Millions’ album Holiday Inside is set to be released June 25, and the latest single from the project echoes the highly danceable, globetrotting, synth-heavy sounds—and inimitable weirdness—of MGMT’s debut.

As if that wasn’t clear enough, just see how “Tiny Tino”—a puppet who looks like he’s seen better days, especially by the end of the video—moves to the short single. As the little guy meets his LA neighbors, the synthy sounds of Belgian jazz guitarist Lucien Fraipont riff wildly on the soundtrack. “‘Tiny Tino’ is an ode to friendship and to the East LA neighbourhood where I stayed for several months working on Robbing Millions’ upcoming album,” Fraipont shares. “It’s also about trying to be someone you’re not. The little, scarier than intended, puppet you’ll see wandering around the neighbourhood in the video is trying to act cooler and tougher than it is. Although the song has a weird 9/4 time signature, I think of  it as a naive playful song with a whistle friendly melody. You could see it as Robbing Millions’ take on salsa music.”

Watch the clip below—and keep an eye out for a certain inimitable gap-toothed slacker-rocker a bit past the two minute mark.


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