Odonis Odonis Introduce a Softer Side to “Spectrums” with Latest Single “Impossible”

The industrial Toronto duo’s fifth album arrives this fall via Felte.

Odonis Odonis are a band that have taken many shapes over the past decade: They launched in 2011 as a noisy take on surf rock before splitting off into heavy electronic rock and spacey ambient on their second record, and pivoting fully into darkwave on 2016’s Post Plague. While a heavy sense of industrialism has undergirded everything they’ve released, 2017’s No Pop confirmed the group had found something of a steady identity as a coldwave outfit with their second LP for the post-punk friendly label Felte.

With their fifth record Spectrums recently announced, the duo of Dean Tzenos and Denholm Whale introduced the project with the dual single of the jarring “Get Out” and the more cooly anxious “Salesman.” The third single is a more relaxed look at what the record may have in store—“Impossible” is considerably more minimal than its predecessors, providing the eerie synths and soft vocals plenty of space to blend into an unsettling whole.

“’Impossible’ was actually an old abandoned demo that Dean had deep in his hard drive,” Whales shares. “We completely restructured it and re-did most of the instrumentation but kept the original vocal lines. It’s the first of the tracks to be released from the new record that showcases a different direction than what we have been accustomed to on the last few releases.”

Hear the track below, and pre-order Spectrums here.


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