Rosie Tucker’s Quarantine Running Playlist

The songwriter’s Epitaph debut Sucker Supreme arrives this Friday.

With a pair of post-LP singles in 2019 and 2020, it seemed evident Rosie Tucker had something big in the works—not only did news of a deal with Epitaph follow this year, but also a new record that features both “Ambrosia” and “Brand New Beast.” The rest of Sucker Supreme matches those two singles’ sense of often-crippling introspection, the whole record proving a capsule of self-exploration and detailed, diaristic revelation.

While its extensive track list provides a sense of comfort in times of loneliness, Sucker Supreme also offers up a suitable lyric sheet to get lost in while going for a run. It may not get you pumped up in quite the way Tucker’s punkier Epitaph peers’ music might, but more so complements a late-night jog intended for alone time rather than for surpassing personal bests in terms of fastest laps around the neighborhood.

With that in mind, Tucker took the time to share a few of their own favorite tracks to run to over the past year of quarantine, from the funky beats of The Internet and hard-hitting rap of Saweetie, to the unique electronic sounds of Jlin and Björk, to the operatic pop-punk of Pierce the Veil and Say Anything. Check out the full playlist below, and pre-order Sucker Supreme here.

Jim Sullivan, “UFO”

Jim Sullivan is exactly my kind of songwriter. He put out two albums, neither of them sold well, and then he walked into the desert never to return. The music is beautiful. I listened to this album in its entirety on a run last year, just before seeing my grandfather for the last time, so now it’s imbued with this extra layer of sweet sadness. 

The Internet, “Just Sayin’/I Tried”

The ideal song for getting over a breakup. Two sides to a feeling and both of them essential: You fucked up and I’m better off / Maybe someday we can talk. 

Neck Deep, “In Bloom”

Does a perfect song exist? Kinda. Definitely. This one, I think. 

Curtis Waters feat. Harm Franklin, “Stunnin””

I’m a pretty boy, I’m stunning. Super speed sonic I’m running. Duh.

Sotomayor, “Electrico”

Something about the scoopy synth noise at the beginning fucks me up! Catch me slow guy shuffling around the neighborhood feeling like hot shit to this one. 

Little Mix, “Wasabi”

Little Mix is the first pop act I’ve ever been genuinely little-kid obsessed with. They’re so good, they’re so cute, they seem like they love each other, I want them to have good lives and relationships and experiences. 

Say Anything, “Cemetery”

One of those songs I hear and then know I am going to try and write over and over and over. Good for a nighttime run when you’re in the kind of love that obliterates all practical fear of the future. 

Cassie, “Me & U”

You ever exercised and felt like you were in a lip gloss commercial at the same time? 

Saweetie feat. Doja Cat, “Best Friend”

I just. I know all the words. It’s so good. 

Björk, “Army of Me”

An empowerment anthem for nonbinary harbingers of doom, of which I am one. 

Quarteto Em Cy, “Tudo Que Voce Podia Ser”

This was one of my main quarantine running albums. The vocal arrangements are mind-blowing, very inspiring. Also a beautiful album for cooking, driving, or lingering around the apartment in an optimistic malaise.

salyu x salyu, “s(o)un(d)beams”

A beautiful, surreal, synthy vocal soundscape, perfect for putting on repeat and running around suburbia and feeling like you’re from another planet.

Jlin, “Nyakinyua Rise”

This album has expanded my eye for what music production can do. Intense, driving, and hypnotic. Perfect for sinking into my own body and annihilating all thought.

Airhead, “Black Ink”

This song sounds how I think my blood cells feel. 

Black Ends, “Stay Evil”

I listened to this song over and over on a few runs. Weird and fearless. “I’m not paranoid” sung over wiry crawling guitars. A good song for running as fast as possible.

Alvaro Diaz, “No Te Quiero Perder”

Sad but not heartbroken. Sunny and chill. Perfect for running by lazy neighborhood cats in the daytime. 

Pierce the Veil, “Caraphernelia”

If I’m just trying to run one fast mile, I’ll listen to this song on repeat. “What’s so good about picking up the pieces” gets me singing out loud and feeling like my heart is about to leave my chest. Absolute pop song.


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