Watch Wild Belle’s Natalie Bergman Play “I’m Going Home” in LA for “Neighborhoods”

Bergman’s debut solo album Mercy arrives this Friday via Third Man Records.

For nearly a decade now we’ve been treated to the Bergman siblings’ eclectic fusion of reggae, Afrobeat, rock, and soul—Natalie and her brother Elliot have released an LP every three years as Wild Belle since 2013. While there’s no word on whether they have another project in store for 2022, this week will see the release of Natalie Bergman’s debut record as a solo artist with Mercy arriving via Third Man Records.

Ahead of the album’s release, Bergman is sharing the track “I’m Going Home” via a “Neighborhoods” session filmed in a friend’s backyard in LA, with the songwriter backed with a full band decked out in all-white. Matching their vibrant dress, the track is a bright take on what sounds like a gospel tune, with a bit of tropicalia injected via electric guitar. Watch the performance below.


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