Sunsleeper Remember Mac Miller with Dreamy Cover of “Come Back to Earth”

The Utah rockers take on the rapper’s Swimming single.

It’s still hard to believe that we’re coming up on three years now since we lost Mac Miller—an artist who made a quick transition from scrappy newcomer on the hip-hop scene to a mature artist whose appeal reached an incredibly broad ranger of listeners, not to mention a personality appealing to just about everyone (besides Donald Trump). As a sort of sequel to their debut LP, which specifically explored living with hard changes, Sunsleeper have returned today with a cover of Mac’s “Come Back to Earth” as a means of coping with the loss.

The SLC rockers’ take on the track is pretty true to the original, with soft vocals melting into the soulful electric guitar of the Swimming  track. “To me, the record perfectly captures self-reflection and hopefulness while in the midst of a dark season,” Sunsleeper vocalist Jeffery Mudgett shares. “There’s a beautiful conflict of hope and defeat throughout the album that resonated with me deeply during the start of the pandemic.”

Hear the cover below before it officially drops tomorrow.


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