Bachelor Kidnap a Harry Styles Doppelgänger in the Video for “Back of My Hand”

The debut album from Jay Soms Melina Duterte and Palehounds Ellen Kempner is out today.

In the latest video from Bachelor—the new project between Jay Som‘s Melina Duterte and Palehound‘s Ellen Kempner—the duo playfully illustrate how fandom can go terribly wrong. In the visual for “Back of My Hand,” Duterte and Kempner are obsessed with Harry Styles, and they somehow manage to capture a COVID-masked doppelgänger and play music for that poor person in their house.

The group explained the inspiration behind the new video, which was directed by Kempner. “We wanted more than anything to make something fun given the limited time and options available due to the current pandemic. Ultimately deciding to put Ellen in the director’s chair as well as film at her home with a skeleton crew. Our final single is about the dark side of fandom and we wanted to exaggerate that as much as possible in our video concept. When it came to choosing an artist to obsess over we quickly chose Harry Styles as we both are truly big fans!”

It’s a fun and eerie video that follows the series of singles Bachelor have released in anticipation of their debut album Doomin’ Sun, which is out today! Watch the chaos unfold below and stream Doomin’ Sun here.


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