On New Song “Stains,” Tiberius b Reflects on Blemishes That Can’t Be Washed Away

It's the title track from their forthcoming debut EP, which is out June 25 via Mark Ronson's Zelig Records.

Tiberius b released their impressive debut single “No Smoke” a few months ago. In anticipation for their debut EP Stains, the musician and singer has shown an exciting range of soulful R&B and sultry-leaning pop. Today, they shared the EP’s third single and title track, which is possibly their most ambitious release yet.

Tiberius b condenses the realization of withered self-esteem, the desire to erase another’s inflicted emotional pain, and the simultaneous masochistic taste for it in four powerful minutes. Coupled between glowing synths and squeaky guitar strums, “Stains” intensity comes from the stark production and b’s searing lyricism. “How much of me do you think you can excavate,” they ask during the first verse. By the song’s last minute, Tiberius switches into overdrive for a breakbeat hardcore outro.

“This is about feeling used by a particular style of sensitive yet deceptive male, and the devastating observation of that becoming a repeating theme in my life,” Tiberius said of the song. “Being frustrated at my ability to foresee the events that were to unfold but allowing it to happen again regardless. Making the same mistakes bitessss and the regret and shame that comes with it bite harder.”

Listen to “Stains” below.


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