Saint Mela Share an Early Stream of Their Latest “SEASONAL” EP “a well for my ego”

The second installment in the EP series officially drops June 20—just in time for the summer solstice.

With the summer solstice right around the corner, New York trio Saint Mela are picking up where they left off with their ambitious EP project SEASONAL and corresponding live show series which, like everything else, was derailed by the onset of the pandemic last year. Following the spring 2020 release of the project’s first installment, all for this strange baptism, a sample-heavy, garage-pop project featuring contributions from Fielded and Sebastian Áde, a well for my ego feels more fully realized as an accomplishment of blipping production and vocal feats from the Merrill Garbus–esque husk of Wolf Weston (whose voice you may recognize from the recent billy woods/Moor Mother collab).

With the record officially dropping on June 20 to mark the summer solstice, we’re offering up an early stream of the full project today. “SEASONAL is about more than just the weather,” Weston shares, setting the scene for the EP project’s latest installment. “It tries to explore a progression of growth, flavored by personal musings and lessons learned in past seasons of the self. When spring 2020’s all for this strange baptism began the process as the first release, it sang odes to rebirth, cleansing rain, boundaries, and the newfound joys of care in a true collective.

“As a follow-up, 2021’s summer offering, a well for my ego, tries to fill up the space cleared in baptism with reminders,” she continues. “Reminders that grace is deserved, that certain powers can only hold you so long, and that whatever keeps you alive is absolutely worth it. Think of it as a break in case of emergency on days when you’ve run out of ways to be kind to yourself, and a banishment of any lingering resistance to continuance. Don’t go leaking your wealth.”

Stream the project in full below, and check out the group’s triumphant stream from Brooklyn’s C’mon Everybody—where their pre-pandemic residency was scheduled—underneath the EP.


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