PRONOUN’s Songs That Help Her Not Wanna Die

Alyse Vellturo shares a playlist inspired by the lead single from her new OMG I MADE IT EP.

Perhaps the only thing more attention-grabbing than the all-caps lead-single song title “I WANNA DIE BUT I CAN’T (BECAUSE I GOTTA KEEP LIVING)” from the new PRONOUN EP is the song itself—an upbeat blend of pop-punk, new wave, and “Born in the U.S.A.”–caliber snare hits which together reinforce the bold affirmation that is the song’s title. It’s one of five tracks on the aesthetically consistent record which dropped last Friday via Wax Bodega, a glittering, buoying, and, at times even nearly rapped auditory massage from Brooklyn-based artist Alyse Vellturo.

With the project’s upbeat energy in mind, Vellturo shared a playlist of tracks that kept her going through the past year, ranging from the country-twang Four of Arrows highlight from Great Grandpa to the warm harmonies of Overcoats. “All of the songs in this playlist have been on repeat for the past year,” she shares, “[a] huge part of keeping me happy and as stable as possible through the entire pandemic.”

Hear the full playlist below, and check out PRONOUN’s new EP here.


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