Lots of Cakes Get Smashed in Indigo De Souza’s Video for “Kill Me”

Her newly announced album Any Shape You Take is out August 27 via Saddle Creek.

Indigo De Souza released the excellent debut album I Love My Mom back in 2018, which went mostly slept on, even by yours truly. Now the freshly signed Saddle Creek musician is reissuing that album along with even more great music. She’s announced that the follow-up to her 2018 LP is coming August 27 and it’s titled Any Shape You Take. We also get the lead single “Kill Me” and a captivating, cake-smashing video to go along with it.

“I wrote ‘Kill Me’ sometime in 2018 when I was really tired and fucked up in a lot of ways. I was deeply consumed in a big crazy love and coming to terms with the reality of living with mental illness,” De Souza said of the track. “I recorded myself stream-of-conscious singing it on the kitchen floor at night with my laptop cam. I found the video about a year later, and could barely recognize the person singing. It was such a strange feeling watching the video because I couldn’t remember writing the song, but little bits and pieces of it felt familiar to me. It felt like it had been a lot longer than a year.”

“No one asked me to feel this fucked up / But here I am fucked up,” goes one standout line. Guitars both ground and uncenter “Kill Me,” as De Souza sings about an all-consuming love and how everything is colossally fucked. The video, directed by Jordan Alexander, features an intense cake-sitting competition.

“We wanted to make a film about performance and stage an event that would get the crew and actors going. Cake sitting is this wonderful art form, rampant with metaphors of creation and destruction, engaging in equal parts with desire and disgust. It lends itself to the song and Indigo came over to test it out and was way better at it than I am,” Alexander added.

Watch “Kill Me” below and pre-order Any Shape You Take here.


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