Amen Dunes Signs to Sub Pop, Releases “Feel Nothing” with Sleaford Mods

It’s the first new music from the singer-songwriter since 2018’s Freedom.

Three years ago, singer-songwriter Damon McMahon released his fifth studio album as Amen Dunes, his second for Sacred Bones, titled Freedom. It was one of the best of that year, showcasing the mesmerizing waves of McMahon’s voice and his skill for dreamy psych-rock compositions. Today, Amen Dunes has returned with a new track called “Feel Nothing” featuring Sleaford Mods, along with the news of a signing to Sub Pop Records.

There’s a curious mythology that writhes through “Feel Nothing,” as drums ring propulsive and triumphant in the background. “Every time I hear a story / I got no good from it,” McMahon sings. Later there’s pondering of a higher power, and mentions of a goddess, the devil, and a prophet.

The core theme of the track seems to center on the division of words and actions. “Keep going up the mountain, yeah / From the mouth don’t come a kingdom,” goes one line while as stretches of guitar echos and fuzz are layered on top of each other. The greatest achievement of the track comes from the euphoric dance transition at the end of the track. “Those who talk hard / Got nothing to say,” McMahon declares before the track bursts into shards of toothy synths followed by a duet with Sleaford Mods’ Jason Williamson.

Hear the track below.


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