Watch Catbite Trip on Banana Bread in Video for New Single “Bad Influence”

The Philly ska revivalists’ new track arrives ahead of their LP Nice One, out August 6.

By now you’ve probably heard that ska is back, whether you like it (correct) or not (incorrect). If you’ve been keeping up with all the recent journalism about the latest wave of the genre, you may have come across the name Catbite, a Philly collective that, despite what they might say in their latest single, is a good influence on the scene. According to vocalist Brit Luna, though, the subject of the lurching “Bad Influence” is instead “a chaotic relationship that’s so rooted in the worst possible situations—but that’s what makes it worth the struggle—and how you’d go through it all to be together.”

Similarly, the “bad choices” and “that appetite that goes for miles” addressed in the single aren’t quite what they seem upon viewing the track’s video, which sees Luna and drummer Chris Pires unknowingly consume some spiked banana bread. “This wacky situation is very loosely based on a true story of when our guitar player Tim’s whole workplace got dosed accidentally with weed banana bread,” Luna explains. “We applied that story to the song because it just showcases the whole paranoia and catastrophizing of being in a meaningful relationship for the first time, or being in a band where we all mean so much to each other, or literally being dosed and not knowing what is going on.”

Watch the video below, which may or may not feature a cameo from one of the many Chris Farrens.


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