Pip Blom’s Latest Track “It Should Have Been Fun” Is Not What It Seems

It’s the second single off their forthcoming album Welcome Break, out October 8 on Heavenly Recordings.

Amsterdam’s Pip Blom released their debut album Boat in 2019, and this year they’re preparing for the release of its follow-up. Welcome Break is scheduled to come on October 8, and we’ve already heard a few singles from the sophomore project. Today, we get the track “It Should Have Been Fun,” which pivots between relaxed guitar-drum partnership and eruptive hard rock.

The band’s lead singer—also named Pip Blom—spoke about the bait-and-switch structure of the song: “When writing the tracks for the record I wanted there to be a song that didn’t have the structure of verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus 2x. It’s a common structure of course and I figured it could be cool to switch it up a bit.”

She continued, “When the track starts it feels like it’s going to be a very sensitive, calm song. The verses capture the feeling of sadness, disappointment in yourself and someone else. But when the chorus starts the energy switches. It’s more angry, being fed up, wanting to change something, like there’s a tipping point. I really like how the track has these different parts that flow into each other. I can’t wait to play this track live and really give it our all when the final chorus hits.”

Listen to the single below.


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