Connie Constance Smashes the Notion of a White Picket Fence on “Prim & Propa”

Its the title track of the singers forthcoming EP, out September 2.

Last year, English singer-songwriter Connie Constance announced her own label Jump the Fence and released the EP The Butterfly Club. She’s not wasting any time or mincing any words with her latest single “Prim & Propa,” which happens to be the exploding titular track off another EP coming this year. Over cascading drum hits, Constance transitions with fragile vocals and childhood observations to a steadfast rebel yell and bountiful self-acceptance. “I’m not a perfect showgirl / Done talking to the devil on my shoulder,” she sings before hitting the dance floor for the chorus.

“This song is about owning community culture, family and friendship,” she said in a statement about the track. “It’s about looking at that big white house and the perfect grass and saying ‘Yeah, nah, not for me, mate – not without my people enjoying it with me. It’s an anthem for everyone that feels betrayed and let down by this country. It’s for the single parents, the people that work their arses off every single day and can barely get their head above water. It’s a reminder that we’ve got what’s important right here with us: ‘When you want more then look around, if you’ve got love you know you’re good / Cause when the grass is greener, the people are meaner.'”

The track comes with a fun cake-smashing visual. Find it below and pre-order the EP here.


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