Porches Runs Around as Both an Angel and a Devil in “Okay” Video

Aaron Maine announced his fifth album, All Day Gentle Hold !, is out October 8 via Domino.

Aaron Maine releases bedroom pop, weird indie, and sexy synthpop jams under the moniker Porches. Today, he’s announced he’s fifth album, All Day Gentle Hold !, with the release of his new single “Okay” and a very fun video. The catchy track comes in at under two minutes and has Maine singing the word “OK” a lot. There’s also the unforgettable line, “I wake up like a big black hole / Put a coffee in me, light one up, and leave everybody alone.” Who can relate?!

Maine said of that album: “I recorded this album in my room between October 2019 and April 2021. The world was flipped and I wanted to make something injected with as much love, urgency, and lust for humanity as I possibly could.”

The accompanying video is directed by the New York–based Maine, who rocks an “I Heart NY” shirt. He also dresses as an angel and a devil, eerily smiling at the camera in angelic light and then crouch-running around in the dark. It’s funny to me because this is exactly how my brain visualizes morality!

Watch the video below, and pre-order All Day Gentle Hold ! here.


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