Alex Orange Drink Endures the Chemical Mixup Known as Love on “It’s Only Drugz (Limerence)”

Everything Is Broken, Maybe That’s O.K. arrives September 17 via Shea Stadium Records and Freeman Street.

Most of the world beyond the Brooklyn DIY venues he inhabited a decade ago were introduced to Alex Zarou Levine through his outfit The So So Glos, whose rambunctious punk translated perfectly well to wax on their breakout 2013 LP Blowout. With that outfit remaining quiet over the past five years, though, Levine has instead been dedicated to solo work under the moniker Alex Orange Drink, most recently ushering in a new album called Everything Is Broken, Maybe That’s O.K., which is due out this September. For those yet to familiarize themselves with the relatively subdued pop of his new outfit, “It’s Only Drugz (Limerence),” the latest single from the new LP, provides a great entry point.

Marked by tranquilized vocals, chipper acoustic guitar, and rising maudlin strings, the track hints at the complex funhouse recordings of Caleb Landry Jones without the theatricality or overt homage to T. Rex. “Love addict anonymous—in recovery and going through withdrawal from the chemical mixup in the brain known as love,” Alex shares. “Love acting as just another chemical or drug. One that brings you intense euphoria followed by all those feelings reversed in its absence. ‘Here comes self defense, it’s just limerence leaving our bloodstream, my lover, my love.’ Emmerson is featured on this track. Check out her music.”

Hear the single below, and pre-order the record here.


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