Caroline Polachek Enters the Storage Facility of Her Mind in “Bunny Is a Rider” Video

The video she co-directed with Matt Copson finds Polachek teleporting within a labyrinth of boxes.

A couple weeks ago, experimental pop-savant Caroline Polachek returned with a new single “Bunny Is a Rider,” produced with Danny L. Harle. It’s a summer soundtrack that Polachek saved until the world was in a safer place to embrace each other—and wow was it worth the wait. Today, she’s dropped the sci-fi video for the single that gives the word “non-physical” a whole new meaning.

The visual for “Bunny Is a Rider,” co-directed with Matt Copson, finds Polachek playfully running in a maze of boxes. She’s actually being chased by a minotaur, which you can make out by a creepy shadow. Turns out, Polachek can also teleport at the click of a button. She shared that “‘Bunny Is a Rider’ takes place in the storage facility of my mind. In this labyrinth, the camera is the Minotaur, but I’m the Matador so it’s game on. But like I said before, I can teleport.” Really, you can’t find her.

Watch the video here and see her newly revealed list of tour dates below.


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