Hear Xiu Xiu’s “Melted Shoes” Remix of Melted Bodies’ “99 Scents”

The track arrives ahead of the LA experimental rockers’ remixed version of Enjoy Yourself, which drops August 6 via Plastic Smiles.

Earlier this year, Xiu Xiu released a fairly normal record within the context of Jamie Stewart’s larger, notably bizarre catalog, with a long list of friends and collaborators anchoring his highly experimental instincts. It feels a little bit more on brand, though, that Stewart hopped on the chance to join artists like Machine Girl, Shigeto, Fire-Toolz, and Tera Melos’ Nick Reinhart on the album-length remix project from Melted Bodies, whose 2020 LP Enjoy Yourself ranked among the most unique collections of tracks of the year. 

Stretching out the Serj-Tankian-joins-a-thrash-outfit original version of “99 Scents” to a jarring, power-electronic nine-and-a-half minutes, Xiu Xiu’s “Melted Shoes” remix of the track is a whole new flavor of weird. Flickering in and out over the track’s runtime, the early-album cut sets a specific unsettling mood for Enjoy Yourself with Friends—one which, fortunately, artists like Machine Girl and Fire-Toolz tend to thrive in. Check out the track below, and pre-order the album here.



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