Turnstile Come Back Into the Spotlight with “BLACKOUT”

The group’s forthcoming album GLOW ON is out August 27 via Roadrunner Records.

Little did we know how much Turnstile had planned for 2021. Following the surprise EP TURNSTILE LOVE CONNECTION from earlier this year, the five-piece from Baltimore recently announced their third album GLOW ON, the follow-up to 2018’s Time & Space. The album will feature a few songs from that surprise EP, including “HOLIDAY,” “MYSTERY,” and “TLC,” along with their last single “ALIEN LOVE CALL” that features Blood Orange. Today, there’s another new track called “BLACKOUT.”

The song opens with a snare that ticks down with suspense. It then opens up into short, combustable guitar strums and the vocals seem a bit more distant as the chorus cranks up a few notches. Later, the drums steal the spotlight with a tinkering beat, even ending with what feels like a seamless impromptu solo. At this point, Turnstile are pretty reliable for an adrenaline rush of distortion and scratchy vocals, always with a surprising shift in the song’s structure.

“BLACKOUT” also comes with a trippy animated black-and-white video directed by Alexis Jamet and Logan Triplett. Check it out below.


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