Jack White Launches Massive Multimedia Archive Featuring His Art & Design Work

“Beauty from construct, construct from purpose.”

Jack White contains multitudes—and now he has a new website to showcase these tudes, a multimedia portfolio called Jack White Art & Design. Most notably he’s a musician and very into sculpture and upholstery, and this site acts as an archive for both his music and furniture projects. It also gives us access to his Third Man Recording Studio, which is located in Nashville, and Third Man Upholstery in Detroit. Other facilities that are documented include his vinyl pressing plant and the professional bowling alley he owns called Three Pin Alley.  

The newly launched site contains “hundreds of photographs and videos, many of which have never been viewed by the public, showcasing key works within such wide-ranging practices as Industrial Design, Interior Design, Furniture & Upholstery, Graphic Design, Instruments & Hardware, Sculpture, Vinyl Concepts, Film Directing, and Photography,” reads the press release.

Jack White Art & Design also includes an interactive, in-depth guide to White’s primary art and design influences, among them prolific commercial artist Norman Saunders, industrial designer George Nelson, Gilded Age cabinet maker, decorator, and upholsterer George A. Schastey, industrial design pioneer Henry Dreyfuss, Dutch furniture designer, architect, and principal member of the De Stijl artistic movement Gerrit Thomas Rietveld, and Dutch graphic artist and visual artist “Ootje” Oxenaar.

There’s honestly a lot to look at. So if you’ve got a few hours to get lost in White’s craft and skill, check out the site here.


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