Maxshh Announces New Album “Bonus Flowers,” Shares First Single “The Stone and I and Everybody”

The Tundrastomper and Fred Cracklin member’s new solo release will arrive September 24 via Exploding in Sound.

Max Goldstein likely needs no introduction for those of you who are denizens of Massachusetts’ DIY scene, but for anyone unfamiliar with his groups Tundrastomper, Fred Cracklin, and Omeed & the Natural Scene, the Western MA native creates a wide range of sounds—from shred-heavy, mathy pop to improv-y free jazz—held together by a common spasticity and lo-fi aesthetic. Yet his solo moniker Maxshh sees Goldstein going fully experimental, with the latest installment from the project arriving this fall via Exploding in Sound.

His quote-unquote acoustic album Bonus Flowers drops September 24, but for now we’re getting the first single, “The Stone and I and Everybody,” which stays true to that denomination with a gently strummed opening, subtly escalating into moody, chugging acoustic guitar reminiscent of Yellow House before getting totally off track with some feedback-heavy electric guitar riffs in a Pile-like catharsis. While you probably couldn’t say it’s any weirder than Goldstein’s previous work, it’s certainly more unpredictable of a journey. 

Check out the single below, and pre-order the new album here.


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