Jasmine Thompson Finds a Friend to Lean on in Her “after goodbye” Video

The London-based songwriter sings about moving on in her latest single.

There’s always that awkward period in the post-breakup timeline between depression and acceptance when you think you’ve moved on, until you happen to bump into your ex with their new significant other at a coffee shop. “You knew it would hurt to leave behind a relationship, but you never once thought about what happens after that door has closed,” explains Jasmine Thompson, who channels this experience and the sudden moment of panic and untetheredness it inspires in her calming new single, “after goodbye.”

Along with songwriting assistance from Casey Smith, who’s worked with Olivia Rodrigo and the Jonas Brothers, Thompson paints a vivid portrait of this state of in-between-ness. Yet it’s the song’s visual which offers an optimistic look at the situation and the comfort a close friend can offer through it. “‘after goodbye’ is a video capturing the feeling of sadness after a breakup and how you can find comfort in friends,” she shares of the visual, which sees her and a friend making lasting memories on a beach. “The director, Melody [Maker], took me and an old friend, Luke, to the beach and we captured some really beautiful candid moments. We just danced the whole day and had such a wonderful time—it’s like a time capsule I can always look back on.”

Watch it below.


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