LNDFK and Pink Siifu Get Dissociative on New Single “How Do We Know We’re Alive”

Following her recent single with Chester Watson, the Italian-Tunisian artist continues to tease her debut album.

Back in June, LNDFK teamed up with Chester Watson for a track called “Don’t Know I’m Dead or Not,” which matched the sleepy energy of the Miami rapper with an electronic undercurrent and a hint of jazz. Today the Italian-Tunisian artist returns with a follow up single that’s not only sonically and thematically similar, but appears to ask a question answered by the preceding track. Linking up this time with Pink Siifu (you truly cannot escape this guy this year—nor should you want to), LNDFK’s second single from her debut album set for a 2022 release is a continuation of the journey introduced on that first single, leaning further into the realms of Brainfeeder-esque jazz and Fielded-like neo-soul along with its ambient textures and enigmatic closing verse from Siifu.

“‘How Do We Know We’re Alive’ is the name of a paragraph in The Body Keeps the Score by psychiatrist Bessel van der Kolk, a book about traumatic experiences and how they affect the brain, mind, and body,” LNDFK shares of the track’s influence. “The song is specular to the single that precedes it, which answers the titular question: ‘Don’t Know I’m Dead or Not.’ The sound is less suspended, more concrete; it is aimed as an action. The song continues the discourse on depersonalization and dissociative phenomena and the correspondence between the two songs is anticipated by the artwork—they can be understood as a single discourse.

Stream the track below, or check it out here.



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