From Giant Mushrooms to Tiny Houses, Courtney Barnett Studies the World in “Before You Gotta Go” Video

Barnett also launched an interactive site where you can isolate and play around with her recordings.

Courtney Barnett is prepping to release her album Things Take Time, Take Time on November 12. We’ve gotten to hear a couple singles, including “Rae Street” and “Before You Gotta Go.” Now, Barnett has released a video for the latter directed by Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore. It finds her becoming an ethnographer, looking for a response from just about everything—caves, the edges of cliffs, lush forests, tiny houses, a horse, a dog that does not want to be bothered, bright red mushrooms. The visual becomes more surreal as it progresses, with, notably, a gigantic copy of Barnett’s head popping up amidst landscapes.

“Making this clip was an interesting experience for me,” Dalimore said of the video. “I love how brilliantly simple Courtney’s idea was, it brought real joy shooting part of it together, just me, her, and my DOP with the other part being two long days directing over Zoom across the Tasman Sea. I watch it now and feel that sense of peace, that potent calm you can only get immersed in the beauty of nature.”

On top of the new video, Barnett has also launched an interactive website for users to play around with stems for the different vocal parts and instruments from Barnett’s recordings. “The listener can (for example) listen to Barnett’s dry vocal harmonies as an a capella, or focus on the rhythms of drummer Stella Mozgawa, or Barnett’s beautiful and sensitive finger-picked electric guitar,” read the press release. You can check that out here.

Watch “Before You Gotta Go” below, and pre-order Things Take Time, Take Time here.


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