Hear an Early Stream of the Debut LP from OHMME’s Macie Stewart

Mouth Full of Glass officially drops this Friday via Orindal Records.

Here’s a fairly unexpected flex of duality for you: You may recognize the somber voice of Macie Stewart on the songwriter’s debut solo LP Mouth Full of Glass, but I can’t imagine you’d immediately be able to place it as one half of the Olympic-level synchronized dancing vocals of art-pop duo OHMME, whose playful left turns often see their Chicago-centric rock sound teeter on the border of experimental and endearingly goofy. Glass, on the other hand, sees Stewart keeping—for the most part—to the straight and narrow, with any experimental impulse only emphasizing the baroque charm underpinning both her confident vocals and acoustic guitar and piano compositions.

Mouth Full of Glass is a record about trying to understand oneself, and why we do the things we do,” Stewart shares—a mission statement familiar to plenty of other solo endeavors, though few are so open-ended. “It is a record that poses more questions than answers, but those questions are made in search of self-acceptance. I hope whoever listens to this record finds a special place for those moments of doubt and self-questioning, and is able to find company in it through moments of solitude.”

With the record officially dropping this Friday, Stewart was kind enough to offer us an early stream of the project, available to hear below. You can also pre-order it on Bandcamp here.


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