LANNDS Beckon Us to Claim Our Time and Space “In the Garden”

The new single announces the duos signing to Run for Cover Records.

Rania Woodard grew up in Memphis, Tennessee performing in a Pentecostal church, dabbling in blues, country, and pop music. But it wasn’t until she met North Carolina–born producer Brian Squillace that the psychedelic electro-pop duo LANNDS was born. They released their EP lotus last year and have now signed to Run for Cover Records. Now based in Jacksonville, Florida. the twosome is also releasing their first piece of new music titled “In the Garden.”

“In the Garden” is an awakening. Bluesy guitar riffs mingle among clanking drums and bubbling bongos; its expansive sound recalls the flowering compositions of late-’00s mainstay Washed Out. Woodard’s voice is a swirl of vibrant watercolor strokes, echoing and blending amid the trippy background. “This is your season, you know it’s yours / Eyes open jump in, reclaim your time,” she beckons.

“‘In the Garden’ is supposed to be about seizing the moment while you can in this life,” Woodard explains. “It’s a take on how I spent a year inside to recenter my awareness and how that made me realize there won’t ever be a right time to do what you want and to just go for it. The song is a metaphor for the death and rebirth of our constant daily lives and how we’re just getting by through the ebbs and flows of life.”

Watch the video for “In the Garden” below.


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