The LA George Clanton Billboards Saga Continues

New George Clanton billboards = new George Clanton music?

It all started back in 2019 when residents of the LA neighborhoods of Atwater Village and Highland Park awoke to billboards inexplicably featuring vaporwave figurehead George Clanton modeling the cast on his newly broken leg—no words accompanying the nearly Mona Lisa–esque smile on his face, and therefore no product to shill. With that overhead real estate in his possession, those blown up photos were eventually succeeded by cryptic signs advertising a pop-up store Clanton and 100% Electronica co-chair Negative Gemini were hosting at an undisclosed location.

Well, the billboards are back, and so, presumably is George Clanton. As of today, you can spot him on another ambiguous, wordless billboard in Highland Park (there is a QR code on it, though, which leads to his Spotify page), and the second, aesthetically similar billboard reads “George Clanton is ****ING UP MY LIFE”—which could either be a calculated and artful revenge plot from a spiteful ex or the name of a new single. I guess we also don’t really know what’s behind those asterisks. Maybe George Clanton is perking up their life!

Stalk the 100% E accounts for future updates, but for now you can see both billboards below.


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