Dean Blunt Smokes a Blunt in “urban hymns” Video

The video follows his latest album Black Metal 2 that came out in June.

This past summer Dean Blunt released his album BLACK METAL 2, the follow-up to 2014’s BLACK METAL. It, however, did not feature the A$AP Rocky collab he shared earlier this year called “STOOZY.” Today Blunt has remedied that gap between the two releases with a video for a new track called “urban hymns,” a track which combines a reworked, dub version of “MUGU” off BLACK METAL 2 and the chorus of “STOOZY.”

The visual features Blunt and a few people with their faces blurred out. They ride around in a car and the floor is filled with Apple product boxes. Blunt smokes a blunt while strumming an acoustic guitar. At one point people get out of the car to withdrawal cash from an ATM. It’s exactly the kind of enigmatic art film you’d expect from Blunt, and the woozy collage of already-released tracks is enough to keep it on repeat as we attempt to discern what the British musician is trying to tell us.

Watch it below.


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