Watch JW Francis Play “John, Take Me with You” from the Appalachian Trail for “Neighborhoods”

The New York–based songwriter performs the track from his new LP WANDERKID in Killington, Vermont.

Last we checked in with New York–based songwriter JW Francis, he was announcing his new album WANDERKID with the upbeat track “John, Take Me with You” while 25 days deep into hiking the Appalachian Trail. Since then, that album has dropped and his trek has ended—but before returning to the city he filmed a “Neighborhoods” for us where he performed the track on acoustic guitar with Killington, Vermont providing a scenic backdrop.

“Before I started walking the Appalachian Trail I wrote and recorded the album,” he recalls. “This included a song called ‘John, Take Me with You,’ which is about wanting someone to take you by the hand and get you out of your life situation. It felt like a real full-circle moment to play this song out in nature where I’d been longing to be for so long while I was in New York. The funny part is that when I got out on the trail I longed to be back in the city. So really this song in this context is my confession that I’ll always be in a state of longing no matter where I am.”

Watch the clip below. 


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