Robyn Joins Smile on “Call My Name”

Björn Yttling and Joakim Åhlund’s forthcoming album Phantom Island is out November 19.

Björn Yttling and Joakim Åhlund, who make music as Smile, recently announced their forthcoming album Phantom Island that’s out November 19 via Chimp Limbs/INGRID. Today, they’ve shared the latest single that features pop trailblazer Robyn titled “Call My Name.” A close listen with headphones is the best way to grasp its saccharine urgency and subtle production.

“I love singing ‘Call My Name’ and it was a true pleasure to record it and rave around in this beautiful song together with Joakim and Björn,” Robyn said of the track. “We’ve had the song knocking about for quite some time, but when Robyn sang it, she really lifted it to another level, her vocal is just packed with so much emotion,” Åhlund added. “Yes, I think in mine and Björn’s case, when we wrote the song we were both directing the words to a child, but I suppose one can imagine it being sung to a lover as well, or any person you feel strongly about.”

Hear it below.


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