Jack White Talks About Friction and Christmas on New Single “Taking Me Back”

​​It’s, uh, the soundtrack for the latest Call of Duty trailer.

It’s almost been four years since we’ve gotten new music from Jack White, although that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been extremely busy. He’s opened up a vinyl pressing plant, a bowling ally, and created a massive digital archive for himself. But today, we get new music from White with the single “Taking Me Back,” which is the soundtrack for the trailer of the forthcoming Call of Duty: Vanguard. The collab is pretty unexpected and kind of hilarious?

“Taking Me Back” is a hard-hitting, jagged rock track very much in the vein of classic Jack White singles. There’s a cool electric keyboard or synth solo that breaks up the track in the middle (it breaks the track’s back, you could say, as White sings during the chorus). There’s also a funny line about Christmas, which is a holiday I wouldn’t associate with Call of Duty: “When you forgive the friction / And you talk about Christmas / Are you taking me back?” I could be wrong though, since I don’t play Call of Duty. Still, I have so many questions.

This isn’t the end of the Jack White news for today, because he’s also released a folky acoustic version appropriately titled “Taking Me Back (Gently).” I guess if Jack White had a saloon—not unlikely—this would be the song you’d hear while you’re talking about the gold rush or gossiping about the sheriff or whatever.

Anyway, listen to both below.


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