Webbed Wing Seek Out Happiness in the Desert in Their “Dream Come True” Video

The Philly band’s second LP What’s So Fucking Funny? drops November 5 via Memory Music.

It seems to be the question on most artists’ minds during what increasingly feels like the final era before we reach the “Death and legacy” subheading of earth’s Wiki page—how do you make a song that channels how you really feel without it turning off an audience looking for an escape from those same feelings? The sophomore album from grungy Philly rockers Webbed Wing was introduced with a hard-rocking single that clung to the small joys of life—meaningful personal relationships, the separation of art from commerce, laughing in the face of depression—and now the second single invites the listener on a mental desert holiday from—*glances at Twitter trending topics*—the harsh realities of life in the desert.

These harsh realities and complicated logistics do rear their heads on the track (“I don’t know if I’ll die of thirst,” Taylor Madison confesses in the opening verse), which sounds more and more like the familiar millennial fantasy of ditching our phones, grabbing our loved ones, and starting a farm as the track progresses. The idyllic scene is complemented with instrumentation that feels tame in comparison to Madison’s past work with Superheaven, much of Will Yip’s past production work, and even the band’s prior single “Make a Dime,” with a nearly dad-rock-esque guitar solo giving way to the track’s final verse. 

Check out the song below—complete with a woozily psychedelic video—and pre-order the record here.


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