Zilched Invite Us to Their Gothy Live Show in “A Valentine” Video

The track arrives ahead of Chloë Drallos’ forthcoming two-song EP arriving next month.

While it’s undoubtedly been exciting returning to live music over the past few months, I can’t say I’ve had the pleasure of spontaneously coming across a flyer for a show happening imminently in an abandoned church rife with dense gothic vibes. Zilched must be aware that this situation is hard to come by, inspiring the Detroit-based noise pop band to film the visual for their latest single “A Valentine” using this exact scenario as a jumping off point, with the the hazy cinematography harkening back to the first golden age of MTV and, of course, Chloë Drallos and her ensemble’s music creating a fuzzy sonic texture landing between pop and scuzzed-out shoegaze.

“I wanted it to look like Bauhaus or Love and Rockets did a Madonna video and that video was on ’80s Top of the Pops or ’90s MTV (two things I frequent on YouTube),” she shares of the video and its wide range of influences which, yeah, feel pretty natural when combined in this way. “We shot it all in one night in this huge empty church with just close friends around so it could feel true to what our live shows are really like.”

You can check out the video below, and expect the EP to drop November 9.


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