Garden City Movement and Lola Marsh Pay Homage to “FIFA” in “Summer Night” Video

Their collaborative track appears on the soundtrack to FIFA 22.

Back before TikTok, MySpace, and the internet more broadly, we ’90s kids grew up with video game soundtracks as the best alternative to discovering new music on the radio. Whether it was the snotty punk of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater OSTs, the rowdy rock of Madden, the cool rap of NBA Live, or the vibrant electronic sounds of Need for Speed, most genres seemed to be covered by the major video game series. While these soundtracks don’t have quite the sway they once did, it’s still an honor to be added to that legacy, as Garden City Movement and Lola Marsh confirm with the release of their new single “Summer Night” for the FIFA 22 soundtrack.

“Summer of ’97,” GCM reminisces. “The three of us—very young boys, each in a different place—have the same crazy feeling when FIFA: Road to World Cup 98 pops up on the screen for the first time. When Blur’s drums hit and the guitar of ‘Song 2’ starts playing, our minds are blown away, but only for a short second as Damon starts shouting and the player on screen is performing a great bicycle kick. At this moment each of us know that this is the coolest thing on earth, and having our song featured in FIFA’s OST is sweeter than most of the things life has to offer.”

Today the collaborators are sharing a music video for the track, which sees the artists performing it in—where else—a soccer stadium. Center stage with the daylight waning, GCM and LM jam the funky track in a circle of bright lights. “It’s an amazing feeling to be part of a playlist with great artists, like Tame Impala,” adds the Israeli duo Lola Marsh. “As kids we played FIFA 98 and discovered a lot of new songs. We hope that our song will reach more hearts in the world. Of course we had to shoot a live version in a soccer field to be as close as we can to the FIFA vibes—it was a whole lot of fun!”

Watch it below.


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